Definition of cripes in US English:



  • Used as a euphemism for Christ.

    ‘Joyce is on the warpath, cripes!’
    ‘for cripes' sakes get a move on or we'll be late’
    • ‘For cripes's sake if there is one thing you had better learn about working in a library is that you had better act nice.’
    • ‘Robert gasped in amazement, his mouth gaped open, he went as white as a sheet and his eyes opened wide. All he could say was ‘Nay, cripes!’’
    • ‘Prekop's a fine musician, but cripes, I'm driving an SUV down the highway at 140-dozing off is not an option!’
    • ‘So I guess the question is, how do you know if the nice guy is just being nice, or being NICE. He helped me break into my apartment after my purse got stolen and would have stayed over to protect me from masked bandits, for cripes sake!’
    • ‘Wish I could have been there… so I suppose it'd be hypocritical to whine about the low turnout, but cripes.’
    • ‘I know, I know, but cripes!’
    • ‘I suppose if the rope was involved in a crime or has magical properties, you could maybe come up with a list of a dozen secrets or so, but cripes, 100?’
    • ‘Oh cripes, that arrogant ass doesn't even have a weapon to defend himself with!’
    • ‘Oh, cripes, they think I'm a guy, Alex thought with a chuckle.’
    • ‘I don't normally get angry like that, but oooooh boy, cripes, that Caz really got me mad.’
    • ‘Oh cripes… look at this!’
    • ‘Well cripes, ya just can't seem to please some folks these days.’
    • ‘Aw, cripes hey buddy, I don't think you can smoke in here.’
    • ‘I solved the barking dog issue with my neighbors, but cripes (!) now their cats are all over my yard and garage.’
    • ‘Why don't you just invite the entire pack over, for cripes sake?’
    • ‘Again, this is a stunning gain over the, cripes, 4 systems shipped in the same period last year and 55 moved in the fourth quarter of 2003.’
    • ‘Some of ‘em are in pretty good shape, but cripes!’
    • ‘Holy cripes, think of how the person in the truck who had the right-of-way will feel after plowing you down!’
    • ‘He turned, surveyed the fallen bail, and said with almost tears in his eyes, ‘By cripes, I am unlucky!’’
    • ‘This Cheese Rolling thing is MAD, and I still can't believe how steep the hill was either, cripes!’


Early 20th century: alteration of Christ.