Definition of cringingly in US English:



  • 1In a servile or sycophantic way.

    ‘he shrank cringingly to one side’
    • ‘Carfax shrank cringingly to one side, and Monceux dismounted from his milk-white horse to meet his King.’
    • ‘"I'm not really sure I offered," she said cringingly, although she was glad she seemed to have been that first girl.’
    1. 1.1informal So as to make one feel embarrassed or disgusted.
      ‘their early performances were cringingly awkward’
      • ‘The whole show was cringingly off the mark and much of the time was just plain boring and pointless.’
      • ‘To make matters worse, Mancuso was cringingly under-rehearsed on opening night, stopping the performance on at least seven counts to consult his script.’
      • ‘Docherty was flattered and received florid correspondence praising his talents, something that most Scots might find cringingly embarrassing.’
      • ‘Despite this, many of the scenes between Jet and Seigl are brilliantly, cringingly drawn, getting to the nub of sibling psychodrama.’
      • ‘Most of this is cringingly awful and is made worse by the fact that if there is a studio audience in England it goes wild with mirth.’
      • ‘He gave a speech that was arrogant, patronising, and cringingly politically correct.’
      • ‘The inquiry website, on which more than 6,000 pages of documents - some cringingly private - have been posted, has become the most popular website in the UK.’
      • ‘Newcastle's surf scene is cringingly bad.’
      • ‘Technology is so cringingly cheap these days, I almost despair at the ease with which people are suckered in by brand name marketing.’
      • ‘Brock, a non-front man's front-man, is oddly chatty and sometimes cringingly open about his life and exploits, especially for a guy who "hates" doing interviews.’
      • ‘Sure, it's cringingly inappropriate at times, but the writers have spent more of their time over the last four years creating genuine laughs than trying to make censors blush.’
      • ‘So the morning after, while feeling hideous, we cringingly piece together the results of baser motives unbound.’
      • ‘In an emotional scene where Maureen defends her bulimia, Pratt is cringingly bad.’
      • ‘Yes, the patriotic episodes were cringingly obvious.’
      • ‘Recently, a friend cringingly preceded a car advice question with the statement, "I know station wagons are passe, but …"’
      • ‘Time and again they chose unsuspecting members of an audience and embroiled them in wacky games or ludicrous, sometimes cringingly embarrassing, situations.’
      • ‘Their early performances in Europe were cringingly awful.’
      • ‘Then I'm jealous because, as cringingly adolescent as it feels to say this, I don't know anyone who shares my paradigm.’
      • ‘You have to watch, even if it is just to see how cringingly awful it can get.’
      • ‘Nonetheless, it was one of the most entertaining, brutally-realistic pieces of television I've seen for a while, even if it was cringingly embarrassing.’