Definition of criminogenic in US English:



  • (of a system, situation, or place) causing or likely to cause criminal behavior.

    ‘the criminogenic nature of homelessness’
    • ‘This Government has given about $500 million to look after the criminogenic needs of offenders.’
    • ‘These measures were used as an attempt to partially capture the structurally criminogenic qualities present in a metropolitan county.’
    • ‘Rather, the criminogenic and psychological variables that coalesce to produce the delinquent or delinquent group are also functions of larger societal processes.’
    • ‘More generally the criminogenic consequences of failure to bring unemployment down by the New Deal and through macro-economic policy would vastly outweigh any crime-reducing effects of the Home Office programme.’
    • ‘The criminogenic factors contributing to each mode of state crime are carefully analysed at the level of the social, institutional and personal.’
    • ‘One such measure is to relieve those criminogenic social conditions of poverty, bad housing, unemployment, lack of social facilities, and so forth which have an established link with law-breaking.’
    • ‘If so, might it not suggest other responses to crime, such as rehabilitation, restitution, and addressing the multiple criminogenic factors revealed by behavioral science?’
    • ‘The corporation has been legally designed as a criminogenic creature - in other words, prone to compulsive criminal behaviour.’
    • ‘The intensity of treatment was determined by sentence length, not the offenders' criminogenic needs.’
    • ‘Treatment referrals are made on the basis of a comprehensive assessment for substance abuse, recidivism risk, and criminogenic needs.’
    • ‘And so what we do is we address the direct criminogenic needs of the person.’
    • ‘As such, it appears that a criminogenic environment breeds fear of crime.’
    • ‘With reference to three domains (criminality, sexual deviance, and substance abuse) all items were coded such that higher scores reflected more criminogenic attributes.’
    • ‘He needs therapy to ‘lay down non-offending behavior and thinking to address the criminogenic factors.’’
    • ‘The term criminogenic needs refers to those offender characteristics that if altered will reduce offenders' risk of reconviction.’
    • ‘Supervisees' skill development was measured by their ability to conform to the prescribed format, including evidence that they identified all of the relevant criminogenic needs and offenders' motivation to change.’
    • ‘Some advocates of the heavy drug enforcement argue that drug use is criminogenic.’
    • ‘In the model, crime policies are governed by an assumption of rational choice, and are designed to deter rational actors from choosing a criminogenic path.’
    • ‘Harristown House offered an option other than custody in cases where addiction had been identified as being the main criminogenic need.’
    • ‘That reflects their psychological neediness, rather than a criminogenic behavioural pattern.’