Definition of criminal record in US English:

criminal record


  • 1A list of a person's previous criminal convictions.

    ‘the court said his criminal record would be expunged at the end of the year’
    • ‘They strongly supported their own access to criminal records and property tax records.’
    • ‘His criminal record showed only one arrest and one conviction.’
    • ‘The only thing that was on the criminal record was that you'd been detained for less than 30 months, and it happened more than ten years ago.’
    • ‘If they do this, their criminal records will be expunged and they will be free men.’
    • ‘He also provided information as to his background, as far as his relationships with other women, his work history and his criminal record.’
    • ‘And they've got lengthy criminal records, many starting at 10 or 11 years of age.’
    • ‘The nearest to a first hand opinion as to India-wide computer-based criminal records that we have been given is those remarks of Dr Mahmood.’
    • ‘I found him to be very sensitive on his criminal record and extremely testy in responding to questions about it.’
    • ‘Boesak said he was surprised on Saturday when the media reported that he had been pardoned and his criminal record expunged.’
    • ‘Defendants who successfully complete the program have their criminal records expunged.’
    • ‘Hundreds of South Africans have their criminal records expunged by President Thabo Mbeki every year.’
    • ‘I think the concern with limiting access to criminal records or other things, is a really long-standing, really strong support for a principle of open justice.’
    • ‘His criminal record also includes armed robbery, affray, assault, theft and public order offences.’
    • ‘In that sense, I'd say you need to find someone with a shopping list longer than his criminal record.’
    • ‘Instead it suggests that the data retention policy should mirror that used on the Police National Computer - the database which stores people's criminal records.’
    • ‘Both men had been convicted of burglary and had lengthy criminal records.’
    • ‘Now Perren, who has a lengthy criminal record including 32 previous convictions for burglary, has been jailed for three years.’
    • ‘The applicant has a long criminal record for various offences.’
    • ‘In a harshly worded verdict, the court rejected Juppe's request to keep any conviction off his criminal record so he could remain in office.’
    • ‘After a period of lawabiding citizenship, mechanisms exist at law to expunge long-past criminal records and restore the right to own firearms.’
    police record, list of offences, list of previous convictions
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    1. 1.1 A history of being convicted for crime.
      ‘he admits he has a criminal record’
      • ‘They are saying it is taking in recruits with criminal records and people who are barely literate.’
      • ‘They end up carrying a criminal record for a crime many argue their partner committed.’
      • ‘Local police have arrested two thieves with long criminal records.’
      • ‘The database itself is a collection of people that have criminal records, or that have been charged with an offence.’
      • ‘Increasing numbers of these new types of participants have criminal records, including violent crimes.’
      • ‘The clearance procedure for new employees can take up to a month, and may involve security checks by the Gardai for a criminal record.’
      • ‘Anyone between the ages of 18 and 55, of good fitness and without a criminal record can become a Special Constable.’
      • ‘Robinson's future career options might also be limited if he is convicted and given a criminal record.’
      • ‘Police intelligence suggests these are people who don't want jobs, these are people who have criminal records, credit card fraud.’
      • ‘Of the seven remaining, four have criminal records and three were convicted of the St-Laurent bar attack.’
      • ‘The argument that Dad had superior credibility over Mom in terms of marital stability, criminal records, and other behavior did not hold up.’
      • ‘This country has no use for the criminals of other nationalities, particularly if they have committed serious crimes or have long criminal records.’
      • ‘Most crime is committed by people with criminal records so their biometric traces are on file without the need to fingerprint the whole population or photograph our irises.’
      • ‘They have criminal records and people will always know of them as thieves and criminals.’
      • ‘People with criminal records or who had been convicted of offences in the past five years did not qualify to stand as candidates.’
      • ‘They should be taken away from society and there should be a criminal record attached to those who commit such heinous crimes.’
      • ‘The cards, containing details of credit history, criminal records and immigration status, are being introduced to combat identity theft and illegal working.’
      • ‘A few people even have minor criminal records, such as vandalism or petty theft.’
      • ‘Further, welfare agencies have used criminal records to determine a person's eligibility for certain social services.’
      • ‘He became homeless in the 90s and has a criminal record for drugs, burglary and theft.’


criminal record