Definition of criminal justice system in US English:

criminal justice system


  • The system of law enforcement that is directly involved in apprehending, prosecuting, defending, sentencing, and punishing those who are suspected or convicted of criminal offenses.

    • ‘Everyone directly involved in the criminal justice system knows how important these notes are.’
    • ‘On the ballot that year were four initiatives that would revamp the state's law enforcement and criminal justice systems.’
    • ‘The reason we have a criminal justice system in this country is to get all of the facts.’
    • ‘The white legal system is totally different, particularly the criminal justice system.’
    • ‘We need to look toward Canada as a model upon which to base our criminal justice system.’
    • ‘Probation is an important way to reduce the caseload burden in any criminal justice system.’
    • ‘Far from ministerial, rules of evidence and criminal procedure are at the core of any criminal justice system.’
    • ‘Candidates should be aged over 18 years and must have no direct involvement in the criminal justice system.’
    • ‘That is not the case with most people who go through the criminal justice system.’
    • ‘Whatever the causes, there is no dispute that in recent decades the scale of imprisonment has climbed dramatically over historic levels in the federal and in most state criminal justice systems.’
    • ‘They know this is putting strain on healthcare, education, and our criminal justice systems.’
    • ‘Though greater information sharing is surely required, why can't we, once we begin sharing data efficiently, combat terrorism while relying on domestic and international criminal justice systems?’
    • ‘We have to be responsive to the legislative and criminal justice systems.’
    • ‘The youth criminal justice system is expanding into areas that child welfare services would once have intervened in.’
    • ‘It has been difficult as Premier to defend, as strongly as I have, the criminal justice system.’
    • ‘California operates one of the harshest criminal justice systems in the country, from arrest to sentencing.’
    • ‘For a long time criminal justice systems around the world have been reluctant to believe that innocent persons are convicted of crimes.’
    • ‘Whether we can rely on our criminal justice system to equitably enforce such law is another question again.’
    • ‘He said the ploy cost the criminal justice system, police, and legal aid system a fortune every year.’
    • ‘In addition, he has had routine involvement with the criminal justice system.’