Definition of criminal conversation in US English:

criminal conversation


  • Adultery, especially as formerly constituting grounds for the recovery of legal damages by a husband from his adulterous wife's partner.

    • ‘Our Supreme Court has made it clear that the tort of criminal conversation exists in our State.’
    • ‘The last three chapters take up, in turn, the popular literature of domestic homicide, adultery in the church courts, and cases of ‘criminal conversation.’’
    • ‘If this couple were then going through a spectacular trial for ‘criminal conversation’ then so much the better for attracting attention to the painter.’
    • ‘A physical separation will not bar a claim for criminal conversation even if the sexual relations with the third party took place after the separation occurred.’
    • ‘If he has proof of sexual relationship between you and his wife then he can sue her for criminal conversation regardless of whether the relationship was with someone of the opposite sex.’


criminal conversation

/ˌkrim(ə)n(ə)l ˌkänvərˈsāSHən/