Definition of cresol in US English:



  • Each of three isomeric crystalline compounds present in coal-tar creosote, used as disinfectants.

    the ortho-, meta-, and para-methyl derivatives of phenol; chemical formula: CH₃C₆H₄OH

    • ‘Sebacic acid can be synthesized from phenols and cresols, but castor oil oxidation is considered a ‘greener’ process.’
    • ‘We measured unconjugated, glucuronic acid-conjugated, and sulfuric acid-conjugated cresols in the patient's biological fluids.’
    • ‘Our results support the theory of toluene genotoxicity, under conditions of higher exposure, because the percentage of reactive metabolites finally biotransformed to cresols and benzyl mercapturic acid was very small.’
    • ‘Toilet and glass cleaners contain ammonia, cresol, ethanol, and phenol, all of which can irritate or burn your skin and lungs.’


Mid 19th century: from creosote + -ol.