Definition of crepitation in US English:



  • 1A crackling or rattling sound.

    ‘pistollike crepitations’
    • ‘The thump of a stapler, the snick of a ballpoint, the rattle of paper, the bass crepitation of the mail cart against the carpet.’
    1. 1.1Medicine A crackling sound made in breathing by a person with an inflamed lung, detected using a stethoscope.
      • ‘The results of physical examination were significant for bilateral basal diffuse rhonchi and crepitation.’
      • ‘Esophageal perforation may result in neck swelling, crepitations, and pneumomediastinum.’
      • ‘All physicians had some experience in paediatrics and were retrained in the recognition of crepitations, bronchial breathing, and wheezing by a senior paediatrician every three months.’
      • ‘On physical examination, crepitations were the main auscultatory findings, followed by rhonchi and wheezing.’
      • ‘Lung sounds are usually normal, or with minimal bibasal crepitations, and talc deposits may sometimes be visualized in the blood vessels of the retina.’
    2. 1.2Entomology The explosive ejection of irritant fluid from the abdomen of a bombardier beetle.


Mid 17th century: from French crépitation or Latin crepitatio(n-), from the verb crepitare (see crepitate).