Definition of creodont in US English:



  • An extinct carnivorous mammal of the early Tertiary period, ancestral to modern carnivores.

    Order Creodonta: several families

    • ‘Read about marsupials and creodonts who also grew ‘long in the tooth’.’
    • ‘The slow clumsy creodonts, well adapted to the jungle thickets, were replaced by the swift intelligent cat and dog type carnivora as the dominant predators.’
    • ‘New adaptive breakthroughs and evolutionary radiations also are apparent from such morphospace analysis, such as the reoccupation of creodont niches by nimravids, canids, and felids.’
    • ‘The brain of the creodonts was generally of relatively small size and their intelligence presumably low.’
    • ‘In creodont carnivores, such as Hemipsalodon studied here, upper molars have carnassial blades as well.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Creodonta (plural), from Greek kreas ‘flesh’ + odous, odont- ‘tooth’.