Definition of crematory in US English:



North American
  • A place where a dead person's body is cremated; a crematorium.

    • ‘In March, the families settled for $36 million with funeral homes that had sent bodies to the crematory.’
    • ‘That facility comprises a chapel, a crematory, gazebos and an operations office.’
    • ‘He warns the prisoners that anyone who cannot work will be sent to the crematory.’
    • ‘Experimental studies and records of modern crematories suggest that approximately 643,000 kcal of heat is required to cremate an average 70-kg human body.’
    • ‘There were tours of the chapel and crematory, of the grounds and the offices and bereavement suite.’
    • ‘As soon as there is a decision placing high-voltage towers, crematories, waste dumps and incinerators or designated SARS-treatment centers in a certain place, local residents are certain to launch mass protests.’
    • ‘When the SS China, a wood side-wheel steamer, was brought to Tiburon's marine crematory to be burned for scrap metal, its social saloon and two staterooms were set aside, too beautiful to burn.’
    • ‘Visitors can explore on their own or join a guided tour, which will include the chapel and crematory.’
    • ‘The people that had been selected were sent to the crematory two days ago, thanks to the doctor.’
    • ‘But, judging by the many flowers, lighted candles and small Israeli flags placed inside the crematory at Dachau, many of the nearly one million visitors who make their way here annually come just to pay homage.’
    • ‘‘At one time they apparently were buried in the ground in some other cemetery and were dug up and taken to the crematory,’ he said.’
    • ‘It was days later when Mel visited Margreet's tomb at the Mount Vernon crematory.’
    • ‘The party left the old crematory and went back to the bus.’
    • ‘Authorisation was also given for two small individual crematories.’
    • ‘They wrote down the numbers of the ones they found to be physically unfit, and ordered them to be sent to the crematory.’
    • ‘Elie and his father manage to survive through the selection process, where the unfit are condemned to the crematory.’
    • ‘His ‘best engineering opinion’ was that none of the facilities examined were ever utilised for the execution of human beings and that the crematories could not have supported the work load attributed to them.’
    • ‘While the safe temperature set for crematories is 850 degrees Celsius, those at the parlor's crematories ranged between 83 and 436 degrees Celsius.’


  • Relating to cremation.

    • ‘As part of the settlement, the building on the crematory property will be removed and no other structures will be put up to maintain a natural state where the remains were found.’
    • ‘The complex consists of a contemporaneous crematory site on the north side of the Maumee River as well as a cemetery on the opposing side.’
    • ‘The settlement also calls for the owners to preserve 2 acres of crematory property as a memorial to the dead.’
    • ‘The work, 9 feet high, 3 wide and nearly a foot deep, is titled for the grids of crematory niches.’