Definition of creep someone out in US English:

creep someone out

phrasal verb

  • Give someone an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.

    ‘an anonymous note like that would creep me out’
    • ‘Those movies creep me out, I tell her.’
    • ‘These written professions of love completely creep me out.’
    • ‘The TV version, made in 1975, still creeps me out from the corners of my memory.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, lately he's been creeping me out.’
    • ‘The thought of him being anything close to a brother to me actually crept me out.’
    • ‘The limo driver creeps out the teens with sleazy demeanor.’
    • ‘Why the cellar creeps me out is a mystery.’
    • ‘Now that the spooky season is upon us, Old Montreal is a great area to creep yourself out with an evening walk.’
    • ‘That way, you won't be staring directly, which could creep someone out.’
    • ‘Most of my friends have clown phobias, which makes my life difficult cos he creeps them out.’