Definition of creature of habit in US English:

creature of habit


  • A person who follows an unvarying routine.

    • ‘Most people are creatures of habit in voting.’
    • ‘They are both creatures of habit and love their routine: writing, walking, reading and going to bed at 10 pm every night.’
    • ‘They have strong family bonds and are creatures of habit, so much so that when habitat changes, as by logging or development, deer may be slow to move elsewhere.’
    • ‘I guess making changes is difficult for most people as we are all creatures of habit but we must stretch ourselves both at work and in our personal lives if we want to grow and develop.’
    • ‘We humans are a strange breed, creatures of habit, this one small change in my routine has rendered me flummoxed.’
    • ‘We, being creatures of habit, ordered exactly the same meals.’
    • ‘I'm also a man with a routine, or as Amy calls me, a creature of habit.’
    • ‘When it comes to hairstyles, cologne, clothing, and even daily routines, most of us are creatures of habit.’
    • ‘Ducks are creatures of habit, they like routine.’
    • ‘I'll miss the staff more than anything else, but also the regular routine because I'm definitely a creature of habit.’