Definition of creative writing in US English:

creative writing


  • Writing, typically fiction or poetry, which displays imagination or invention (often contrasted with academic or journalistic writing)

    ‘universities are employing some of Britain's best-known authors to teach creative writing’
    • ‘She is on the faculty at Guilford College, where she teaches African American literature and creative writing.’
    • ‘I think back to the age-old English teacher adage for creative writing: "Show, don't tell."’
    • ‘The literary periodical flourished, and contributed greatly to the development of creative writing and criticism.’
    • ‘He ought to attend a class in creative writing to learn how to express a genuine feeling or a genuinely felt idea.’
    • ‘The Gaelic League published many volumes of folklore and creative writing.’
    • ‘Combining her poetry and creative writing allows Powers to script a visual springboard for contemplation and reflection.’
    • ‘Assigning creative writing, using materials available on campus, and requiring visits to the campus art gallery are some of the strategies used to urge students to immerse in their local environment.’
    • ‘While in Mexico, Mayfield launched yet another career, this time in the field of creative writing, with the publication of his first novel.’
    • ‘It began on the Internet, where some 200 people submitted poetry, dance phrases, images, sounds, and creative writing for the event.’
    • ‘The rest study creative writing, music, theater, and visual arts.’