Definition of creakingly in US English:



  • See creak

    • ‘It's not just the characters who are under-developed either; the unimaginative plot is creakingly predictable and seems to chug along on its own pre-determined path, rather than being driven by the characters' desires.’
    • ‘It is the crudest roman-à-clef, glaringly derivative and creakingly obvious.’
    • ‘Instead, he indulges in every genre shortcut imaginable, resulting in a film that feels creakingly old the first time through.’
    • ‘At that moment the first of the early morning wagons rolled thunderingly, creakingly, sqeakingly by the garden wall, and without a word the two lovers dressed.’
    • ‘Sometimes he uses phrases so creakingly strange that you remember them vividly from a single occurrence five hundred pages earlier.’