Definition of craziness in US English:



  • Mad, wild, or erratic behavior or nature.

    ‘he loves me and all of my craziness’
    ‘the craziness of the parties’
    • ‘I know that if I get tired of all the craziness in Hollywood, I would just get on the plane and go back home.’
    • ‘Soon we've settled back into the normal craziness of our daily lives.’
    • ‘How many times did you laugh out loud at the craziness in the household?’
    • ‘Spending a whole day tramping round town is just craziness.’
    • ‘Life seems crazy sometimes, but in the end it's the craziness that's the best part.’
    • ‘All this craziness and uncertainty has been very exciting.’
    • ‘I come from a large family, too, so I know very well the insanity and craziness that goes on there.’
    • ‘Work has been pure craziness.’
    • ‘Combined with their eccentric outfits and general craziness, I'd say they're not too concerned with retaining the popularity they enjoyed a few years ago.’
    • ‘And I am still reeling from the brilliant craziness of the dance.’