Definition of crash-test in US English:



[with object]
  • Deliberately crash (a new vehicle) under controlled conditions in order to evaluate and improve its ability to withstand impact.

    • ‘Each year, NCAP crash-tests all new car models to see how they protect drivers and passengers who are wearing seatbelts.’
    • ‘Many European cars today in the small and mid-size categories have been crash-tested and said to be completely protective of the driver in such an incident.’
    • ‘Despite this, Ford officials denied under oath having crash-tested the Pinto.’
    • ‘It can deal with accidents, breakdowns or theft through its back-up antenna, and it has even been crash-tested at Volvo's safety centre so that it remains functional after an accident.’
    • ‘He said it is able to integrate hardware and software in its own facilities, crash-test it and deliver it ready to go.’
    • ‘How is it possible, in these times when mainstream manufacturers must spend millions rigorously crash-testing cars from every angle to meet European rules, to legally drive a bed down the road?’


  • An instance of crash-testing a vehicle.

    • ‘In a crash test, the same bollards stopped a 7.5 ton vehicle traveling at 44 miles per hour.’
    • ‘It was also evident from the crash tests that the barriers could easily pitch over during vehicle impact.’
    • ‘Simulated 55-mph crash tests by the DOE on a hydrogen vehicle left the car badly damaged, but the hydrogen tank intact.’
    • ‘Mandatory crash tests were introduced in 1998 and include a head-on impact at 35 mph and a side-on impact at 30 mph.’
    • ‘None of the latter vehicles have gone through crash tests for the reason that such tests are not done in India since there are no facilities for conducting such tests.’
    • ‘It had taken 13 years, 250 whole-vehicle crash tests, 2,500 sled tests and seven million vehicle kilometres to develop a sensor that set off an airbag in 30 milliseconds.’
    • ‘Government employees buying the vehicles for crash tests reportedly had to pay more than $10,000 above sticker price because the models were so hot.’
    • ‘Let's take a look at the crash test for a second vehicle, that's the Land Rover Freelander.’
    • ‘‘He'd have a bruise but he'd be able to walk away,’ said the engineer, but only because a thousand crash tests were carried out on the car before it was built.’
    • ‘Each new vehicle Toyota releases scores highly in crash tests, a significant change from just two years ago.’
    • ‘These models make it possible for Volvo to determine a car's safety characteristics at an early stage in the development process - long before any physical prototypes are available for crash tests.’
    • ‘This process cut the number of vehicle prototypes by 65 percent, halved the number of crash tests and analyzed human factors in the plant through use of digital assembly software.’
    • ‘It seemed that practically every car tested in the latest round of Euro NCAP crash tests achieved the top 5 - Star rating, when the results were announced last week.’
    • ‘And they are ready to help car makers with crash tests.’
    • ‘The car's rock bottom group 2 insurance, exceptional fuel economy and four-star rating in Euro NCAP crash tests also found favour with the judges.’
    • ‘The car scored five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests.’
    • ‘Less expensive seats priced at around £20 tended to do poorly in crash tests, while the safest seats were in the £80 - £90 price range.’
    • ‘The latest round of crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety saw a first in three years.’
    • ‘The IHHS frontal crash tests have the front end of the vehicle hit a deformable barrier at 40 mph.’
    • ‘And most commentators are expecting that the car will also shine next week when the first small car to achieve a full 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests is being announced.’