Definition of craftswoman in US English:


nounPlural craftswomen

  • A woman who is skilled in a particular craft.

    • ‘Always a confident craftswoman, Joyce admits making that first cut into the fabric never bothered her.’
    • ‘Marjorie is a craftswoman and her knowledge of the history of knitting makes her a popular speaker at craft events.’
    • ‘The person who made it all is an old friend and a fine craftswoman.’
    • ‘A craftsman or craftswoman spends years learning and perfecting their craft - as do artists.’
    • ‘A master craftswoman, she has taught the skills to 700 children in an effort to keep the rich traditional craft alive.’
    • ‘The expert craftswoman and author teaches traditional building techniques to builders, owners of old homes, and those interested in tried and tested construction methods.’
    • ‘The tunes often take a backseat to the event itself, since artists, craftswomen, and vendors create a marvelous mini-metropolis.’
    • ‘She kept working, both as a craftswoman and an artist, with astonishing discipline.’
    • ‘Though we only met June occasionally, she was an accomplished artist and craftswoman in various mediums, particularly stained glass painting, modelling, and collage.’
    • ‘She's a craftswoman: a minter of Viking coins.’
    • ‘The future is looking bright for the talented craftswoman who recently exhibited at the prestigious ceramics event.’
    • ‘As well as being an accomplished craftswoman, she was a gifted pianist.’
    • ‘She is a genuinely talented craftswoman whose knack for vocal extravaganzas is endearing.’
    • ‘My mother was a really exceptional craftswoman, an imaginative perfectionist, particularly in cooking and sewing.’
    • ‘Woodworking tools in the hands of a craftsman or craftswoman produce art; in the hands of a small child, they are weapons.’