Definition of crackerjack in US English:



North American
  • Exceptionally good.

    ‘a crackerjack eye surgeon’
    • ‘His Las Vegas-style lounge stylings were supported by a crackerjack band featuring a stellar four-piece horn section.’
    • ‘Best of all, Germany's crackerjack Ensemble Modern played the luminous score with extraordinary virtuosity.’
    • ‘It should be a crackerjack show with entertainment of the crowd the main priority.’
    • ‘And this is what my late advisor Jack Thomas would have called a crackerjack piece.’
    • ‘That should again be the case this evening, so fans will surely be in for a crackerjack encounter.’
    • ‘The two leads give crackerjack performances, their timing, dynamism and interaction almost flawless.’
    • ‘Abetted by moody cinematography and crackerjack editing, it moves like a shot.’
    • ‘There are the trademark Tarantino touches like the pop culture references and crackerjack dialogue.’
    • ‘Coming at it fresh will preserve its near-perfect crackerjack comic timing.’
    • ‘Along the way, we, as a bunch of guys, have acquired a few crackerjack insights that I'm glad to pass along.’
    • ‘CJ must deal with a disgruntled General and her scene sizzles with crackerjack writing.’
    • ‘The rest of the series struggles to reach the premiere's giddy sense of crackerjack timing.’
    • ‘But it is a series for everyone interested in a crackerjack thriller with a knockout ending.’
    • ‘It would also require assembling and developing a crackerjack team.’
    • ‘Along with a crackerjack game of bowls, the afternoon will feature raffles, prizes and show bags.’
    • ‘That community came in handy when the songwriter needed a crackerjack band.’
    • ‘The good thing about Tom Fontana, creator of this crackerjack show, is that he always avoids the obvious conclusion.’
    • ‘Groomed for a military career, Boulogne became a crackerjack equestrian, swordsman, and sportsman.’
    • ‘And the band, well, you'll not find a crackerjack band like this on many stages.’
    • ‘The corporations always have a battalion of crackerjack lawyers to defend themselves.’
    expert, skilled, skilful, masterly, virtuoso, master, consummate, proficient, accomplished, talented, gifted, adept, adroit, deft, dexterous, able, good, competent, capable, efficient, experienced, seasoned, trained, practised
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North American
  • An exceptionally good person or thing.

    • ‘The boy's uncle described his nephew as naughty, like his father, but a crackerjack in school.’
    • ‘The other five are all potential crackerjacks and it is a contest which is going to answer a lot of questions.’
    • ‘All in all, a crackerjack of a race is guaranteed.’
    • ‘Rugby fans can expect one crackerjack of a game this evening.’
    • ‘‘He ought to have a crackerjack of a speech,’ former President Ford says simply.’
    • ‘The movie is pure crackerjack: Not a single scene fails to push the plot forward.’
    • ‘We are shown early on that he's a crackerjack with the pistol.’
    • ‘Fail-Safe was and remains a real crackerjack of a film.’
    • ‘At 5-1 third-favourite, Proudwings represents great each-way value in what promises to be a crackerjack of a race.’
    genius, expert, master, master hand, artist, maestro, prodigy, marvel, adept, past master, specialist, skilled person, professional, doyen, authority, veteran
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