Definition of crack down on in English:

crack down on

phrasal verb

  • Take severe measures against.

    ‘we need to crack down hard on workplaces that break safety regulations’
    • ‘Police are cracking down on crime in Bradford and have secured reductions in the rates of burglary, robbery and car crime.’
    • ‘Where these are not cracked down on immediately then further, and worse, anti-social behaviour usually follows.’
    • ‘The Executive has introduced measures through the police bill to crack down on knife culture.’
    • ‘Its still illegal, but what this does mean is that the police are cracking down on the harder drugs, like cocaine and heroin.’
    • ‘Sydney police have promised to crack down on all such surreptitious snapping.’
    • ‘The government has cracked down on more complex tax-avoidance schemes.’
    • ‘Labour has taken tough measures to crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour.’
    • ‘The relationship between citizens and police has changed since the police started cracking down on organized crime.’
    • ‘An Executive source said this was typical of the chaos it hoped the new commissioner would crack down on.’
    • ‘Effective prevention of petty crimes such as theft will enable the police to focus their efforts on cracking down on hard crime.’
    get tough on, take severe measures against, take stern measures against, clamp down on, come down heavily on
    eliminate, abolish, eradicate, extinguish, quench, repress, stifle, suppress, put an end to, put a stop to, end, finish, get rid of, crush, put down, weed out, curb, nip in the bud, thwart, frustrate, scotch, squash, quash, quell, subdue, terminate, beat, overcome, defeat, rout, destroy, demolish, annihilate, wipe out, extirpate
    limit, restrain, restrict, check, keep in check, control, keep under control
    come down on like a ton of bricks, squelch, put the kibosh on, clobber
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