Definition of crab spider in US English:

crab spider


  • A spider with long front legs, moving with a crablike sideways motion and typically lying in wait in vegetation and flowers for passing prey.

    Family Thomisidae: several genera

    • ‘In crab spiders of the genus Thomisus, the female is frequently found on flowers carrying the small male on her abdomen.’
    • ‘If one has two giant crab spiders at home, there is no need for any other control measure for cockroaches.’
    • ‘The amount of time a crab spider spends foraging on a flower can have a significant effect on the spider's fitness.’
    • ‘He spent the night under observation at the hospital after it was discovered he had been bitten by a venomous crab spider the size of a large coin.’
    • ‘For the purpose of this study, an important assumption was made about a crab spider's foraging behavior.’