Definition of Cowper's gland in US English:

Cowper's gland


  • Either of a pair of small glands which open into the urethra at the base of the penis and secrete a constituent of seminal fluid.

    • ‘Sexual arousal can cause fluid from the Cowper's glands to be released prior to ejaculation.’
    • ‘The Cowper's glands secrete a small amount of pre-ejaculate fluid prior to orgasm.’
    • ‘My son has just been diagnosed with a cyst on one of his Cowper's glands.’
    • ‘The paired Cowper's glands lie below the prostate on either side of the urethra.’
    • ‘I have suffered from discomfort and pain in the area of the Cowper's glands for around eight years now.’


Mid 18th century: named after William Cowper (1666–1709), English anatomist.


Cowper's gland