Definition of cowpea in US English:



  • 1A plant of the pea family native to the Old World tropics, cultivated for its edible pods and seeds.

    Vigna unguiculata, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Other crop plants like peppers, cowpeas, clovers, legumes, and many others will be studied in the future.’
    • ‘Originating in Africa, okra is thought to have been brought to America by slaves, along with that other Southern staple, cowpeas.’
    • ‘It is drought tolerant, even more so than cowpeas, but benefits from adequate rainfall on well-drained soils.’
    • ‘You can grow cowpea, amaranths and okra on your terraces with a little effort.’
    • ‘Ten hectares of cowpeas and seven hectares of millet were damaged by the flooding.’
    • ‘Rasochova detailed her work with cowpeas in developing vaccines against animal parvoviruses.’
    • ‘A number of local varieties of crops, including sorghum, millet, groundnut and cowpea, have emerged.’
    • ‘Phytochrome-mediated changes in GA production triggered stem elongation in cowpea.’
    • ‘Among the legumes that the researchers will be looking at are the cowpea and the Bambara groundnut.’
    • ‘Although widely prolific in the West Indies, they have not flourished in this country, and cowpeas have more or less supplanted them.’
    • ‘They planted two legume cover crops - Lana vetch and Clay Iron cowpeas.’
    • ‘He encouraged farmers to try new crops, like peanuts, cowpeas and sweet potatoes.’
    • ‘The maloga bean, a native Australian cowpea, V. lanceolata, also has edible pods.’
    • ‘The study documents public biotech research on 20 different crops, including maize, sweet potato, and cowpeas.’
    • ‘Dehydrin loci and tolerance to chilling were markedly cosegregated in cowpeas.’
    • ‘Sorghum, millet, maize, cowpeas, and black-eyed peas are the main subsistence crops.’
    • ‘The district is largely dependent on agriculture with farmers growing crops like cowpeas and millet.’
    • ‘Two strains were studied, one with the infamous Bt gene and another with a gene from cowpea.’
    • ‘We also grow groundnuts, lemongrass, cowpeas and other small scale crops.’
    • ‘The seed project was started last year to produce different varieties of quality cowpea seed.’
    1. 1.1 The seed of the cowpea as food.
      • ‘Traditional rural staples are sweet potatoes, manioc, yams, corn, rice, pigeon peas, cowpeas, bread, and coffee.’
      • ‘Forest elephants spent a night stripping the field of what would have been a six-month supply of cowpeas.’
      • ‘These are growing cowpeas, a crop, which they had abandoned before because of lack of an effective market.’
      • ‘Cowpeas are a staple crop eaten in Africa as a dry bean, snap bean, or raw salad green.’
      • ‘Other crops include peanuts, beans, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, bananas, and cowpeas.’
      • ‘Other crops are sunhemp, cowpeas and pigeon peas.’
      • ‘Summer is the season of various kinds of beans full of protein including cowpeas, hyacinth beans and horse beans.’
      • ‘He's kept Miller's advice close, making memorable dishes like his cowpea fritters.’