Definition of covering in English:



  • 1A thing used to cover something else, typically in order to protect or conceal it.

    ‘a vinyl floor covering’
    • ‘I had collapsed onto the thick down covers of my four-poster, with its deep purple silk coverings that I had loved so much.’
    • ‘The shop has high-end window coverings of silk, linen and polyester.’
    • ‘The salvaged roof covering can then be installed on the front, maintaining the original look of the house.’
    • ‘Elegant satin and silk coverings with braid and lace can cost quite a bit.’
    • ‘We plan to replace our third-floor carpet and vinyl floor coverings with tile.’
    • ‘To view this slow moving but miraculous event please don your dark glasses or protective eye coverings.’
    • ‘It started as a way to make coverings for floors like this!’
    • ‘The bundles are protected by the cable's outer covering, called a jacket.’
    • ‘How a room is used will help you determine what wall coverings are most suitable.’
    • ‘This typically involves lining up bottles on a table with a white surface or a covering such as a tablecloth or sheet.’
    • ‘The window covering has a head rail in which all the components are housed.’
    • ‘Buy wallpaper, fabric and floor coverings for their practical as well as decorative effect.’
    • ‘He could not have climbed out without someone on the outside removing the covering.’
    • ‘Some type of hat or head covering is almost always worn because of the extreme temperatures and strong sunlight.’
    • ‘At this point the visitors removed their head coverings and set them aside.’
    • ‘He lay still, pale and quiet underneath a protective plastic covering.’
    • ‘Worker clothing, eye protection, and facial coverings are required to avoid contaminating the assembly area.’
    • ‘In older houses ceramic tiles are used as floor coverings.’
    • ‘I was wearing a short covering of some kind that covered my chest and lower body.’
    • ‘The woman actually cut the thin, magnetic disk out of the plastic protective covering!’
    awning, tarpaulin, cowling, casing, housing
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    1. 1.1usually in singular A layer of something that covers something else.
      ‘the sky was obscured by a covering of cloud’
      • ‘Through the window's thin covering, silhouettes could be seen.’
      • ‘I woke up Sunday morning to a light covering of snow over a thin layer of ice.’
      • ‘In height, he came up to her waist, and muscles rippled beneath the thick covering of dark fur.’
      • ‘A covering of snow dusted the ground.’
      • ‘The mail sat piled on the small kitchen table with a slight covering of dust.’
      • ‘She woke, damp with morning dew, coated in a light covering of mud and grime.’
      • ‘It came out of the west over a thick covering of Australian pine trees.’
      • ‘The primary units cannot be easily detected because of the dense covering of ragged elements on the shell surface.’
      • ‘Turning on our torches, the walls came alive with a thick covering of hydroids, sponges and anemones.’
      • ‘The current and clarity of the water have given rise to a dense covering of vibrant soft and hard corals.’
      • ‘We know very little about the outer covering of the various types of dinosaurs.’
      • ‘The drums will then be covered by several impervious layers before a covering of soil to ground level.’
      • ‘Without missing a beat, Jake pursued the figure as it dashed through the thick covering of trees.’
      • ‘The bows are a straight vertical edge with a full covering of anemones.’
      • ‘Several layers of filmy covering met her eyes, and through this her hands weaved carefully.’
      • ‘A nice covering of skin with a good tone and pinkish cheeks can alter a person's face entirely.’
      • ‘The seeds of many species have a fleshy outer covering, which is also edible.’
      • ‘They should be stored in a single layer with a loose covering of plastic wrap.’
      • ‘The surfaces must have the maximum possible pace and bounce with a reasonable covering of grass.’
      • ‘I finished off with a thick covering of bark mulch to preserve moisture, suppress weeds and add organic material.’
      layer, coating, coat, cover, carpet, blanket, overlay, topping, dusting, cloak, mantle, canopy, film, sheet, veneer, crust, surface, skim, skin, thickness, deposit, veil, pall, shroud
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