Definition of covered wagon in US English:

covered wagon


  • A horse- or mule-drawn wagon topped with a spacious. arched canvas-covered framework. Covered wagons were the common transport for the western-moving North American pioneers of the 19th century.

    • ‘I called them in to the solitude of our covered wagon for a talk.’
    • ‘Steve wanted to cart in an old covered wagon and dress up like a gypsy, complete with donkeys and unwashed children.’
    • ‘She peered out the mercantile door and saw their covered wagons parked outside.’
    • ‘We're sort of like a traveling city - our homes are covered wagons.’
    • ‘Prairie pioneers offer lessons in faith, character and hope as they travel by covered wagon to the Canadian prairies.’
    • ‘They come on horseback, in carriages and in covered wagons.’
    • ‘Opening my eyes, I find myself in a canvas covered wagon.’
    • ‘The raw frontier that he had known as a boy was gone along with the ox-drawn covered wagon and the prospector's mule.’
    • ‘It includes an overnight pack trip, a river raft trip, a covered wagon cookout, a day tour of Yellowstone, and ranch activities.’
    • ‘Catherine's nearest neighbours arrived in a covered wagon pulled by a team of oxen.’
    • ‘Some parks rent cabins, yurts, tepees, even covered wagons.’
    • ‘Dusty, who is planning to wear a maroon dress, said ‘We have got a covered wagon and everything.’’
    • ‘The wranglers there offer a scenic horseback tour and a narrated mule-drawn covered wagon ride of Timbercreek Canyon.’
    • ‘It includes everything from the covered wagons to cooking utensils alongside an extensive library and music collection.’
    • ‘And it was like traveling in a covered wagon it took so long.’
    • ‘Others congregated in dude ranches or rustic lodges, on houseboats, in tents - even in covered wagons.’
    • ‘The center offers a ride in a computer-controlled covered wagon, guided trail tours and features various pioneer tools and artifacts.’
    • ‘A large, covered wagon pushed its way in between the two of them hiding them from each other.’
    • ‘It's little wonder that there is still a shortage of covered wagons.’
    • ‘Old dad, they had covered wagons when he went to school, I think.’
    • ‘It's why we fired at those British redcoats, set out in our covered wagons, strapped ourselves to a rocket and headed to the moon.’


covered wagon