Definition of cover something up in English:

cover something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Put something on, over, or around something, especially in order to conceal or disguise it.

    • ‘They covered it up with some awnings and some tarps.’
    • ‘I personally think that's partly due to the fact that you barely even see your skin during the winter - you're always covering it up!’
    • ‘He was not able to carry out his crimes of concealment and cover up.’
    • ‘Pichugin covered the drawing up with a piece of white board and hid it in his studio, where it remained for 70 years.’
    • ‘I cover it up with concealer amateurishly, hoping no one will look there long enough to notice the messy make-up.’
    • ‘People do not cover things up, unless there is something to conceal.’
    • ‘One of them goes, ‘I told you to cover that hole up.’’
    • ‘I've seen the cuts they try to cover them up with sweat bands or long-sleeved shirts.’
    • ‘And the petals unfurl, one by one, covering it up, hiding it, shielding it, until it is invisible.’
    1. 1.1 Try to hide or deny the fact of an illegal or illicit action or activity.
      • ‘After all, no one is better than the tobacco industry at covering things up and hiding financial dealings.’
      • ‘Are they covering something up, or just trying to be discrete?’
      • ‘And he isn't apologizing, to the country, for letting the torture happen, or for covering it up.’
      • ‘Hooliganism is still a problem in this country however much the FA may like to cover it up the simple fact is that it still exists.’
      • ‘For centuries a conspiracy of silence and shame has covered it up, but now we know the facts.’
      • ‘We're far less racist and cruel and we do actually investigate hate crimes now, not just cover them up.’
      • ‘And then when they appear as though they are covering it up, it makes you suspicious that it's all true.’
      • ‘They are well aware of it, and they're covering it up.’
      • ‘But I didn't mean it, and you should believe me despite the fact that I lied earlier to cover it up.’
      • ‘There was always speculation that it might be the Ku Klux Klan and they were covering it up.’
      conceal, hide
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