Definition of couverture in US English:



  • Chocolate made with extra cocoa butter to give a high gloss, used for covering sweets and cakes.

    • ‘Comparing the Venezuela to the Madagascar is like comparing milk chocolate to dark, even though they both have couvertures of 72% cocoa.’
    • ‘Sara's own chocolates are made with the best single-bean couverture available and double Devon cream.’
    • ‘Rochers, square cubes of chocolate, flecked with little crackly-bits then dipped in chocolate couverture are my second favorite chocolates here at the moment.’
    • ‘He rummaged in two cardboard boxes nearby, brought out two bricks of chocolat de couverture, and handed them to me.’
    • ‘You'll also find different chocolate couvertures and pastry making supplies, nut pastes, you name it, they have it.’


1930s: French, literally ‘covering’, from couvrir ‘to cover’.