Definition of couscous in English:



  • 1A type of North African semolina in granules made from crushed durum wheat.

    • ‘I chose the tabbouleh salad, a tangy mixture of tomatoes, onions, parsley and couscous.’
    • ‘Add aromatic herbs and seasonings to cooking liquid when you prepare lentils, beans, couscous or rice (try fresh thyme for a taste of Provence or lemongrass for an Asian accent).’
    • ‘The salads featured haricot and broad beans as well as couscous, brown rice and a green salad.’
    • ‘The midday and evening meals may consist of rice or couscous with sauce (often peanut) and/or vegetables.’
    • ‘I got plain white rice to soak up the stew, while my companion opted for attiéké, which is similar to North African couscous except that it's made with manioc instead of semolina.’
    • ‘Other memorable dishes are eel with onions and raisins; couscous where the grain is barley, not wheat; and a vermicelli cooked in a rich and tasty sauce.’
    • ‘Recipes often involve corn, rice, and couscous (crushed grain, especially a certain type of wheat) as a starchy base.’
    • ‘Precooked and ready to eat in minutes, couscous is the fast food of grains.’
    • ‘There are lots of modest veggie dishes that I prepare for lunch or dinner, such as stuffed pepper with couscous, mushroom and coriander or a lump of Wensleydale on toast.’
    • ‘It stresses wheat, in the form of bread or couscous, olives and olive oil, meat (above all, mutton), fruit, and vegetables.’
    • ‘Smeeda or large grain semolina flour is the grain of choice to make couscous.’
    • ‘Stuff with couscous mixed with orange juice, paprika, cayenne, cumin, garlic, parsley, diced prunes and pinenuts.’
    • ‘For a complete meal, serve this savory dish with brown rice, quinoa or whole-wheat couscous, and steamed green beans.’
    • ‘Great with rice, couscous, or mashed potatoes.’
    • ‘Serve with a salad of potatoes, rice, couscous or green leaves.’
    • ‘Serve hot or warm with bread, couscous or steamed rice and a good dollop of yoghurt.’
    • ‘Place the couscous and icing sugar in a large heatproof bowl.’
    • ‘For this fast and satisfying menu, we add spices, canned tomatoes, and shelf-stable couscous to give convenient ingredients a Moroccan flair.’
    • ‘Swap instant brown rice or whole-grain couscous for white rice in pilafs and stuffings.’
    1. 1.1 A spicy dish made by steaming or soaking couscous and adding meat, vegetables, or fruit.
      • ‘Food is everything from Moroccan-themed couscous and chicken tagines, to burgers and special veggie dishes.’
      • ‘A few days later, I followed the dream's instructions, and brought these fish and nectarine skewers to life, served with herbed couscous and a nectarine chutney.’
      • ‘Toss fresh or dried berries into savory dishes such as salsas, salads, pilafs and couscous.’
      • ‘Is couscous the trendy dish of the new millennium?’
      • ‘The national dish of Algeria is couscous, steamed semolina wheat served with lamb or chicken, cooked vegetables, and gravy.’
      • ‘Dinner each night will be different but typically Moroccan cuisine such as couscous or a meat and vegetable stew, with beer, wine or water, followed by Moroccan mint tea.’
      • ‘They're great as dips or racy condiments for the various couscous and tagine entrées.’
      • ‘Cuisine is North African couscous and tagines of course, and belly dancers and Berber drums provide extra entertainment.’
      • ‘For once, the side vegetables were worth eating: cumin-spiced carrot under a breadcrumb crust, roast jacket spuds and minty couscous and broccoli salad.’
      • ‘I had the pan-fried sea bass with pine nut couscous, chilli syrup and cashew nut pesto for €20.’
      • ‘The veggie and non-veggie versions were identical, save for the beef in the meat couscous, and the vegetables included zucchini, carrot, cabbage and big beefy lima beans.’
      • ‘Her vegetable studded couscous arrives in a straw tagine called a tbak, which sits like a tableside footstool.’
      • ‘To serve, arrange some vegetable couscous and hearts of palm in the center of a plate and set two tilapia fillets on top.’
      • ‘To serve, spoon the vegetable couscous in the center of a soup plate, arrange some rabbit loin, rabbit saddle, and kidneys on top, and garnish with tarragon.’
      • ‘Working on a Scottish theme, they smoked the salmon in oak sawdust and served it with wilted spinach, a carrot and coriander purée and raisin and herb couscous.’
      • ‘Small and sleek, it offers exceptional sushi and sashimi, plus specialities such as swordfish tandoori and calamari stuffed with curried couscous.’
      • ‘The chicken is delicately spiced and served with a griddled vegetable couscous.’
      • ‘Poached salmon with Bearnaise sauce, potato salad, spicy couscous, green salad, washed down with my contribution, a bottle of Chardonnay.’
      • ‘The lamb was accompanied by an eggplant caviar, curried Israeli couscous and crab apple almond salad.’
      • ‘This spice mix has its origins in Tunisia and is used in couscous, meat dishes and some tagines.’


Early 17th century: from French, from Arabic kuskus, from kaskasa to pound probably of Berber origin.