Definition of court plaster in US English:

court plaster


  • Sticking plaster made of silk or other cloth with an adhesive such as isinglass.

    • ‘Lupe's dark hair and eyes and rich natural coloring were quite a contrast to Mary with her natural blonde hair and blue eyes, black court plasters near her dimples, and slight makeup.’
    • ‘Adhesive material spread upon silk, muslin, or paper, makes adhesive and court plasters, of which the official Emplastrum Capsici and Emplastrum Ichthyocollae are examples.’
    • ‘Next day at the council meeting, he sported court plasters on brow and beak.’
    • ‘He had streaks of court plaster on his right cheek and shoulder.’
    • ‘She went with the rest but went with a court plaster across her nose.’


Late 18th century: so named because it was formerly used by ladies at court for beauty spots.