Definition of court case in US English:

court case


  • A dispute between two parties that is decided in a court of law.

    ‘the victims read news reports of the pending court case’
    • ‘In the resulting court case, he pleads with the jury to set him free.’
    • ‘Recent court cases continue to address the issue of liability for violations of environmental laws.’
    • ‘Following a series of other court cases Congress passed the 1937 Federal Milk Marketing Act.’
    • ‘The procedures are there based on a long history of court cases, so it's very important that architects not try to cut corners.’
    • ‘As the court case progresses, more secrets become revealed.’
    • ‘Perhaps the intention was to affect the outcome of the court case.’
    • ‘There was a court case coming up and he was very concerned about that.’
    • ‘Our cost of production has already skyrocketed because of these regulations, and we know we're only one court case away from being completely out of business.’
    • ‘Charges were dropped on the eve of the court case.’
    • ‘The court case threatens to cast doubt on everything she thought she knew about her husband.’