Definition of courseware in US English:



  • Computer programs or other material designed for use in an educational or training course.

    • ‘Committee members decided on the general topic of distance learning and also decided upon using educational courseware as part of the program.’
    • ‘Australia has some very sophisticated capacity for instruction design, courseware development and on-line delivery.’
    • ‘There is a choice of operating systems as well as training courseware and virus-checking software.’
    • ‘Teaching methods, courseware, and learning tools, all need to be carefully designed in order to enhance both female and male students' unique learning processes and outcomes.’
    • ‘There has recently been a mad rush by universities, venture capitalists and corporations to develop online courses, virtual universities, education portals, and courseware.’
    • ‘However it is also the case that educational courseware tends to encourage traditional rather than innovative pedagogy.’
    • ‘Of course there are students who fit the above profile, but it would be foolish to design a course or courseware based on the assumption that all students are like that.’
    • ‘At the colleges, Services for Students with Disabilities have the responsibility to make courseware accessible.’
    • ‘We kickstart self-learners on the road to competence with freely available tools, training and courseware.’
    • ‘We provide distribution-neutral courseware for certification preparation training.’
    • ‘The site, therefore, provides links to other online courseware directories, public domain courseware hosted locally, sites for courseware developers and Indian educational sites.’
    • ‘Consider the convenience of having the program automatically download enhancements and additional courseware as they become available.’
    • ‘This courseware might include printed materials, audio on CDs, as well as video presentations on DVDs.’
    • ‘People who rarely, if ever, have any communication with students sometimes design such courseware.’
    • ‘We're all fighting about that, either for software or courseware.’
    • ‘If the group that values teaching as performance has the most influence, we will put more energy into developing flexible courseware that promotes social engagement and interaction.’
    • ‘Plus you get a printer, scanner and computer courseware CD to brush up your PC skills.’