Definition of county clerk in US English:

county clerk


  • (in the US) an elected county official who is responsible for local elections and maintaining public records.

    • ‘He was the first county clerk in the Stratford County Council.’
    • ‘It's the county clerk's office, where they hand out marriage licenses to just about anyone else who wants one.’
    • ‘A benefit of living in a one-stoplight town is that the county clerk makes house calls, delivering ballots to invalids.’
    • ‘It was for this reason, he says, that he ordered the county clerk's office to begin issuing marriage licenses to all couples, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.’
    • ‘After the oath is filed, the executor will be able to order letters testamentary from the county clerk.’
    • ‘Lawyers typically charge about $100 to $200 to prepare that kind of deed, and the fee to record the document with the county clerk should run about $15.’
    • ‘He rang the county clerk's office to sort out the error, and was able to vote in the end.’
    • ‘You must pay a $5 fee, and you will be given a certificate stating that the county clerk is holding the original.’
    • ‘The county clerk will report back to the board for a final ruling at a hearing July 27.’
    • ‘The data, which typically come from county clerk and recorder's offices or property assessors, can be out of date.’
    • ‘After several hours in which the Democrats conceded only one signature, the county clerk instructed both sides to state the reasons for either rejecting or upholding a challenge.’
    • ‘Also, if your father recorded his old power of attorney with the county clerk, then he will need to record the revocation with the same county clerk.’
    • ‘Your state's Secretary of State's office is also a good place to go, as well as your local county clerk.’
    • ‘My grandmother prepared a fill-in-the-blank will from the local office supply store, and she signed it with an X. It was notarized and filed at the county clerk's office.’
    • ‘It has made a lot of people feel self-conscious and it affects all types, right across the board from the county clerk to the shop girl.’
    • ‘For one thing, the partnership must file a fictitious business name certificate with the county clerk where the business is located.’
    • ‘Republicans had argued that a state law should have been applied more broadly, to all new voters, except those who registered in person at a county clerk's office.’
    • ‘When a will is probated, the original signed will is filed with the county clerk's office.’
    • ‘I want to thank all those who wrote to the county clerk because this international scrutiny was of decisive importance.’
    • ‘Government entities from Capitol Hill to the county clerk want to make life easier for businesses - and citizens - by Web-enabling a vast range of services.’


county clerk