Definition of country ham in US English:

country ham


  • A ham that is dry-cured with salt before smoking.

    • ‘And if we feel that perhaps we're not as authentic as we could be, why don't we have some country ham instead of that breakfast burrito?’
    • ‘I know it isn't country ham, but I can throw a bunch of salt on it, and we can pretend.’
    • ‘Maybe I'll come back for breakfast and see if I can talk my way into a taste of country ham.’
    • ‘Today's inclusive barbecue spirit embraces diversity; Even the most traditional joints round out their menus with chicken and turkey breast, country ham or sausage.’
    • ‘My ham biscuits feature prosciutto instead of country ham, and are more likely to be served with a sweet and hot mustard sauce on rolls than biscuits.’
    • ‘It's a little sweet, but that makes it great with a big old-fashioned glazed country ham or a barbecued leg of lamb.’
    • ‘Unlike city ham, country ham is best served in small thin slices, traditionally on biscuits - large, thick slices are generally too salty.’
    • ‘She would come cook us a country ham or biscuits and gravy breakfast - or her mother would.’