Definition of country and western in US English:

country and western


  • as modifier ‘country-and-western singer’
    another term for country music
    • ‘Democrats tend to get the rockers; Republicans tend to get the country and western.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, there's a smattering of the Deep Southern influences that are more commonly associated with that neck of the woods, and a country and western style.’
    • ‘My family listened to country and western and western swing.’
    • ‘The only kind of music he doesn't like, he said, is country and western.’
    • ‘You'll love this: he used to put concrete floors in buildings, but in his spare time he was a country and western DJ.’
    • ‘Five bands wowed the crowds with musical styles ranging from country and western to rock and jazz.’
    • ‘True, I prefer country and western and 1950s music, but the reason I decided not to be involved was simply financial.’
    • ‘There were all types of bands from hard-core rock and roll to jazz, country and western to Irish traditional musicians and from vocal harmony groups to girl and boy bands.’
    • ‘Even at this time of year there are a few of the world's intinerants trekking up the long narrow streets, their accents as intrusive as a country and western crooner at La Scala.’
    • ‘If you listen to oldies rock, turn on hip hop, or country and western.’
    • ‘The only answer offered by the essay is country and western music.’
    • ‘Most people outside of the continent have little idea that country and western is the favoured popular music of most Aboriginal communities.’
    • ‘The flags were bright, the country and western music loud, the TV monitors huge and blaring.’
    • ‘That's unusually fast for a country and western album these days…’
    • ‘For the most part, the original is reconfigured to fit the band's gift for skewed, country and western tinged psychedelia.’
    • ‘What emerges from this mixture is a very American sound that mixes jazz, country and western, rock, popular song, folk, and the blues.’
    • ‘How many other artists in the genre of dancehall can successfully flirt with varying musical styles such as country and western, gospel and soca and still remain credible?’
    • ‘It melds folk and jazz, the blues and country and western.’
    • ‘My first love was the music I heard in the community: blues, church gospel music, and country and western.’
    • ‘He entertained everybody with his beautiful country and western music and songs.’


country and western

/ˈˌkəntrē n ˈwestərn//ˈˌkəntri n ˈwɛstərn/