Definition of countless in English:



  • Too many to be counted; very many.

    ‘she'd apologized countless times before’
    • ‘For every smoker who claims to enjoy the habit there are countless others who are desperate to stop.’
    • ‘He can try to save those countless millions but only by the sacrifice of his ship and crew.’
    • ‘As countless tales have told us, it's always a bad idea to mess around with the past.’
    • ‘The problems of football management in the modern game are complex and countless.’
    • ‘The garden is a savior to me, particularly in the warmer months when I get to spend countless hours picking and planting.’
    • ‘The countless number of games where he doesn't put a foot wrong are all too often forgotten.’
    • ‘While others among us engaged in countless discussions about what to do and how to do it, Ann would already be doing it.’
    • ‘I had to pass two floors and countless corridors before I arrived at the Physics room.’
    • ‘We've got countless jobs still to do on our new home, but we're getting there.’
    • ‘With its countless bars and clubs, the area is the hub of the town's nightlife.’
    • ‘These alarms save countless lives every year, and every home should have them.’
    • ‘There are countless dogs roaming around up there and the council needs to do more.’
    • ‘We have seen, countless times, that banning a book will, in no way, prevent its being read.’
    • ‘He is a veteran of countless marathons, and we are not talking about the ordinary London kind.’
    • ‘My mom made it her duty to make countless trips to the ministry to get them to place me in a school.’
    • ‘Filled with countless tiny black seeds, it looks exactly like a seed pod should.’
    • ‘All three drugs are sold widely on the web, with countless sites offering the pills by post.’
    • ‘It is a tragedy that has befallen countless families through the generations.’
    • ‘But he also starred in countless films which are so bad they have become notorious.’
    • ‘Nor do people want to live in a system where their prosperity depends on the starvation of countless others.’
    innumerable, untold, legion, numberless, unnumbered, numerous, very many, manifold, multitudinous, multifarious
    a great number of, incalculable numbers of, immeasurable numbers of, endless numbers of, infinite numbers of, a multitude of, a multiplicity of
    more than one can count, too many to be counted
    umpteen, no end of, loads of, stacks of, heaps of, masses of, oodles of, bags of, scads of, zillions of
    a slew of, a bunch of, gazillions of, bazillions of
    myriad, divers
    innumerous, unnumberable
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