Definition of counterstory in US English:



  • An alternative or opposing narrative or explanation.

    • ‘If dominant stories tell tales that force everyone into one mold or belief, then counterstories are all those stories that don't fit the mold.’
    • ‘Another counterstory is to be found in the volume where one would look for it, in Vinter-Eventyr, her book of intertextuality on the level of work to work.’
    • ‘These counterstories become the basis for redefining strength and developing healthier, non-violent lifestyles.’
    • ‘So the first day was dedicated to ice breaking, concept introduction, and sharing personal counterstories.’
    • ‘He produced a counterstory to the hurricane's wrath: human error, the mistakes of a federal agency that caused massive flooding.’
    • ‘James Scudamore skillfully weaves a wonderfully complex web of stories and counterstories, telling and retelling climactic events from various perspectives, exposing the fluidity of truth and the retributive nature of reality denied.’
    • ‘Through the telling of the counterstory, multiplicity, at first a wound and a defense against unbearable reality, becomes a fruitful condition.’
    • ‘The Strength Campaign uses dominant stories and counterstories to encourage individuals to tell the stories of their lives, share with the world what excites them, and speak out about what makes them uncomfortable.’
    • ‘Through Yosso's counterstories, we are introduced to three new characters: Paula, Claudia, and Esmeralda narrate the counterstories in Chapters 2-4.’
    • ‘At times to clarify understanding of the perceived counterstory, the witness will do a story check with the lost person.’
    • ‘Through their counterstories I demonstrate that teacher insurgents are actively resisting English-only policies and promoting bilingualism.’
    • ‘The narratives employed in their counterstories demonstrate further these presidents' emotional intelligence as conceptualized by Gardner and Goleman.’
    • ‘While cross-cultural mentoring can be as valuable an experience as any, the opportunity for me to be mentored by a Hispanic and two Black women provided me with what critical race theorists would call counterspaces to tell my counterstories.’
    • ‘Nelson states that the most effective means of repair for identities damaged by abusive master narratives is the counterstory.…’
    • ‘In several of the best, the main account is quietly hollowed out by the vague counterstory of a secondary figure - someone marginal, unconsidered, powerless.’
    • ‘But the word has gotten out that more is coming down the pike on the origin of those fake documents - and Marshall implies that a planted counterstory emerged today in the Financial Times.’
    • ‘The rest of her short book is devoted to demolishing the dispensationalists’ reading of the Bible, and to offering a counterstory of the incarnate love of God that refuses to leave his church or his world behind.’