Definition of counterman in US English:



  • A person who works behind a counter serving customers, especially in a store or casual restaurant.

    ‘you tell one of several countermen your order, then he makes the sundae’
    • ‘"Two slices," I said to the counterman, pointing to what looked like normal pizza.’
    • ‘Decked out in the clean white butcher's apron synonymous with self-respecting deli countermen everywhere, he offered up a cupful of his homemade potato salad.’
    • ‘The counterman replies, "Well, I'm a working man..."’
    • ‘Everyone stared as the counterman gulped and began assembling my creation.’
    • ‘Looking around the nearly empty store, the countermen quietly chatting with each other in Polish, it was hard to imagine the place packed with customers.’
    • ‘"No extra bread tonight," I hear another counterman tell a customer.’
    • ‘The world knew me only as a counterman in an all-night Coney Island cafeteria.’
    • ‘Most of the countermen and chefs were let go; a few were offered jobs in the new store at a substantial pay cut.’
    • ‘The streets were a black shade of dark this time of night, thought the counterman.’
    • ‘As I waited at the counter for my takeout order, the numerous countermen were busy filling orders for the restaurant patrons.’