Definition of counterintuitively in US English:



  • See counterintuitive

    • ‘Thus, counter-intuitively, plants are likely to have diverged first, leaving fungi and animals as sister groups.’
    • ‘Perhaps counter-intuitively, the most comprehensive study of the subject found that clients who were ordered to drug treatment by a judge were more likely to complete the program successfully than those who volunteered for treatment.’
    • ‘What the President has done in this package is move much closer to a world where we tax capital less, enabling, perhaps counter-intuitively, all of us to have higher wages.’
    • ‘The most ludicrously titled tracks are, perhaps counter-intuitively, also the least memorable.’
    • ‘Or, counter-intuitively, global warming could disrupt the North Atlantic Gulf Stream, thereby ushering in another Ice Age and giving Provence a Siberian climate.’