Definition of counterintelligence in US English:



  • Activities designed to prevent or thwart spying, intelligence gathering, and sabotage by an enemy or other foreign entity.

    • ‘The Intelligence Corps also runs the ultra-secret counter-intelligence outfit the FRU, the Force Research Unit.’
    • ‘Since then, counter-intelligence tasks against domestic and foreign rivals have been prioritized over the bureau's other major duties, including investigation of violent crime, white-collar crime, and corruption.’
    • ‘These doctrines address a range of concerns including ambush, spies, maneuver, counter-intelligence, mutiny and force protection.’
    • ‘Our counter-intelligence, which plays a considerable role here, is very fragmented.’
    • ‘The only thing everyone seems to agree on is that counter-intelligence was severely hobbled by the so-called ‘wall’ erected between the CIA and FBI.’
    • ‘But at least it worked, which was important as the FBI had very little counter-intelligence capacity to begin with.’
    • ‘Swiss counter-intelligence was very effective, too, and 387 spies, mostly Swiss but including 100 Germans, were captured and brought to trial of whom 17 were executed.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, we still encounter failed religious and political homilies that fail our need for counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.’
    • ‘As one of the FBI's top counter-intelligence officers he earned $1.4m from Russia for his spying.’
    • ‘In doing so we must remain mindful of the important fact that U.S. law distinguishes between domestic criminal law enforcement activity and foreign counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism activity.’
    • ‘In counter-intelligence, such specific details are not always available.’
    • ‘Having used sex, drugs, money or alcohol to get a hold on someone, a counter-intelligence officer can then move on to blackmail when they want to put more of a squeeze on their supply of information.’
    • ‘There are biography and filmography profiles for Nicholas Lyndhurst and Clive Francis, and a short history of the MI5 counter-intelligence service.’
    • ‘The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is responsible for internal security, for counter-espionage, for counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.’
    • ‘This is especially so since there will always be more law-enforcement professionals in the FBI than intelligence and counter-intelligence operatives.’
    • ‘Could the FBI even lose its own counter-intelligence division?’
    • ‘They could then test and refine their counter-intelligence strategy by monitoring how the US reacts.’
    • ‘A counter-intelligence expert from Bulgaria is in Ireland and due to present his findings to the Bulgarian government next week.’
    • ‘Cyber crime is even the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's third highest priority, after counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence.’
    • ‘The Security Service Bureau was established in 1909 to tackle counter-intelligence and threats to security in British territory, and was renamed MI5 in 1916.’