Definition of countercheck in English:



  • 1A second check for security or accuracy.

    • ‘The Chaldaean and Babylonian empires were the first to build an elaborate system of checks and counterchecks, primarily to minimize errors and to safeguard state property from dishonest tax collectors.’
    • ‘They're very interested in maintaining the appropriate levels of checks and counterchecks in the business because a good deal of their money is on the line.’
    counterweight, counterbalance, counterpoise, balance
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  • 2archaic A restraint.

    • ‘There is no countercheck to its emotions.’


[WITH OBJECT]archaic
  • Stop (something) by acting to cancel or counteract it.

    ‘the king with his own hand wrote to countercheck his former decree’
    • ‘When two time travelers fight over something, they employ multitudes of selves to check and countercheck each other until there are swarms of you around.’
    • ‘To countercheck the view that pluralism is tolerable or inevitable, the CDF published a declaration, Dominus Iesus.’