Definition of counterchange in English:



  • 1Change (places or parts); interchange.

  • 2literary Checker with contrasting colors.

    • ‘I still wasn't happy with that so I embroidered, in 3-strand golden-yellow floss, a counterchanging wavy pattern.’
    • ‘The cross counterchanging symbolizes the cross-cultural influence of both races upon each other.’
    • ‘Pink is a delicate colour, and to make it more vibrant I have left sunlit areas of white to counterchange the background against it.’
    • ‘The painting of the ribs is imitated from that of the Lady Chapel, counterchanging the colours.’
    1. 2.1Heraldry Interchange the tinctures of (a charge) with that of a divided field.
      • ‘The client might consider counterchanging the tinctures of the field, or using a bordure.’
      • ‘Maynes makes the major modification of partitioning the field and counterchanging the principal charge.’
      • ‘The colors of the shield are counterchanged suggesting teamwork and cooperation.’
      • ‘Per fess Or and Azure, a chevron Gules between three mullets counterchanged a canton of England a fleur-de-lis for difference.’
      • ‘Argent, a pile throughout embattled azure and in chief three mullets of four points counterchanged.’
      • ‘The saltire is counterchanged to combine it with the saltire of St. Andrew.’


  • Change that is equivalent in degree but opposite in effect to a previous change.

    • ‘Sometimes the authors allude to a tarot technique or feature, such as elemental counterchanges or the esoteric function without providing the original source or even much information.’
    • ‘The end result of such a series of changes and counterchanges adds complexity and reduces stability in the overall domain name system and the applications that use it.’
    • ‘Apart from the placement and numbering of the Fool, the most significant change made by Mathers to the trumps was the counterchange in the numbers and locations of the trumps Justice and Strength.’


Late Middle English (as a heraldic term): from French contrechanger, from contre (expressing substitution) + changer ‘to change’.