counter to
  • In the opposite direction to or in conflict with.

    ‘some actions by the authorities ran counter to the call for leniency’
    • ‘Secondly it runs counter to all observation to assume that a child is incapable of independent religious belief.’
    • ‘His analysis turned up another unexpected finding that also runs counter to the direction of the field.’
    • ‘The move to create an unofficial consul runs counter to Labour election campaign attacks on Nationalists for wanting to spend money on Scottish representation abroad.’
    • ‘We discussed the merits of ‘Vote for Me’, which I think is hard to beat for directness, but she felt it ran counter to the personal development ethos of the school.’
    • ‘Such a picture of Julian, however, runs counter to what Julian herself says.’
    • ‘Citizens of a nation choosing their own system of government runs counter to the option of imposing our values on others.’
    • ‘Now the benefits of such spontaneous wireless networks are obvious, but hacking one together isn't easy, as it runs counter to how networks are put together.’
    • ‘The el zar or Force of Estrangement (F.O.E.) is counter juxtaposed to the true God, the God of oneness.’
    • ‘The wide rear haunches of the car create a muscular stance further emphasised by the rear window whose shape runs counter to that of most cars on the road in being distinctly tapered from top to bottom.’
    • ‘This public policy stand runs counter to what today's Texans say they want.’
    • ‘So that sort of runs counter to what you're saying, doesn't it?’
    • ‘However, the direction of these trade-price effects generally ran counter to our expectations.’
    • ‘It also runs counter to the evidence of the nature of the relationship between Hitler and Himmler, who does not appear to have been a man likely to have practised a deception of this kind on his Fuhrer.’
    • ‘We conclude that the proposed East of Otley development is ill-conceived, runs counter to national planning policy and will fail to deliver the benefits claimed.’
    • ‘Some members of the Board were reluctant to go counter to the policy direction of the Administration, and preferred negotiation, given that the Administration also deserved a voice in stabilization policy.’
    • ‘But even if we accept this line of reasoning, it does not cover the cases where there is no serious probability that the choice of an action which went counter to the rule would become generally known.’
    • ‘There is no authority on the implied licence argument and it may be criticised that it runs counter to the guidance of the House of Lords in the case of Sunningwell that a tolerated use may be as of right.’
    • ‘Further, in several instances responses actually ran counter to the direction of selection.’
    • ‘North Korea's attitude obviously runs counter to its commitment made in the joint statement.’
    • ‘Our experience runs counter to that so we're happy to spend a little cash and to expend a good deal of energy doctoring our home to secure the best possible deal when we put the place on the market.’
    against, in opposition to, contrary to, at variance with, in defiance of, in contravention of, contrarily, contrariwise, conversely
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