Definition of count the days (or hours) in US English:

count the days (or hours)


  • Be impatient for time to pass.

    ‘they counted the days until they came home on leave’
    • ‘Ramon was counting the hours until his family would come to visit.’
    • ‘The man who desperately needs to make a change in his life is now counting the days until he's finally free.’
    • ‘The time passes man - just keep busy, don't count the days.’
    • ‘I am now counting the days until the DVD comes out!’
    • ‘We've passed another month counting the days, have lived our lives in resigned routine waiting only for the weekend when we could be together again.’
    • ‘And Harry Potter fans, are you counting the hours until the release of the long-awaited sixth book in the series?’
    • ‘Each time you leave after visiting me, I start counting the days until you will return.’
    • ‘After learning the basics of our government, I counted the days until I turned 18 and could register to vote.’
    • ‘Things are looking good, I'm excited, and I'm counting the hours until I get to break the seal on the CD.’
    • ‘And they say, ‘Mommy, we're counting the days until we come home.’’