Definition of count something out in US English:

count something out

phrasal verb

  • Take items one by one from a stock of something, especially money, keeping a note of how many one takes.

    ‘opening the wallet, I counted out 19 dollars’
    • ‘I could not resist going to where I had stored these bulbs and counting them out… all 99 of them.’
    • ‘He looked at the worn banknotes doubled over in his jacket pocket and slowly counted them out.’
    • ‘Or perhaps babies rely on an innate facility for making automatic distinctions of up to three or four items without counting them out, as some other scientists theorize.’
    • ‘She pulled out all the money that she had brought from the Motel and counted it out onto the counter.’
    • ‘I raised my eyebrows at him as I began to take out the money and count it out.’
    • ‘He reaches over with one hand and takes the money as one of the two older women counts it out.’
    • ‘He pulled all of his money from his shirt pocket and counted it out.’
    • ‘Rich people still get professional bankers, competent and dressed in wool, to count their money out to them.’
    • ‘He clumsily pulled a pack of matches out of his pocket and proceeded to tear out seventeen of the matches, counting them out and crisscrossing them on top of one another as he did.’
    • ‘Cashiers handing change to customers count the money out in English even to obviously monolingual older Navajos.’