Definition of cough syrup in US English:

cough syrup


  • Liquid medicine taken either to suppress or expectorate a cough.

    • ‘I have a recommendation for the family whose child hates the taste of cough syrup.’
    • ‘Six employees have resumed mixing recipes for cough syrup, eye drops, and lotions.’
    • ‘He wanted something for his cough but I couldn't find the cough syrup.’
    • ‘My cough syrup and headache pills were a bit pricey, but I shouldn't complain.’
    • ‘Armed with a spoon and a bottle of cough syrup, she dosed him with the medicine and elicited a round of choking and cussing from her patient who offered colorful and profane descriptions of the elixir's flavor.’
    • ‘I am going to go to the drugstore and stock up on cough syrup and/or drugs.’
    • ‘Boxes of medicines, varying from children's cough syrup to antiretrovirals, were found in the warehouse.’
    • ‘But then again I have so much cough syrup and cold medicine in my system, it's quite possible I have no idea what I'm talking about.’
    • ‘I've never found another cough syrup that works as well.’
    • ‘A good basic cough syrup can be made with honey, lemon and onions or garlic.’
    • ‘Her belief about the cough syrup, while seemingly not true, is not necessarily a belief that could arise only as a result of delusional thinking.’
    • ‘The patients were treated with cough syrup and decongestants.’
    • ‘It might have worked in a smaller dose, but served in a spaghetti bowl, it tasted like a bottle of cough syrup poured over a chocolate malt.’
    • ‘The cough syrup is drying everything out and the weather has become dried up as well.’
    • ‘It is also available as suppositories and as a cough syrup, the latter being used in cases that are difficult to control.’