Definition of cost center in US English:

cost center


  • A department or other unit within an organization to which costs may be charged for accounting purposes.

    • ‘My cost centre was falsely portrayed as personal expenses.’
    • ‘But in the thought bubbles that float over their heads, most senior managers see customer service as a cost center.’
    • ‘Retail executives have historically disdained the information technology department as a cost center.’
    • ‘The whole basis for what we are doing is to move from being a cost centre to becoming a profit centre.’
    • ‘In educated middle class families, a kid is purely a cost center.’
    • ‘Financial institutions can benefit by converting what was once thought of as a cost center into marketing opportunities at the heart of their customer's e-commerce activities.’
    • ‘One of the reasons I'm so optimistic about the music business going forward is that the actual promotional cost center becomes a profit center in and of itself.’
    • ‘‘They are now starting to view retirees as a cost center,’ says Jones.’
    • ‘In a way, we too, are a cost center to the university, but our compensation (no bonuses, no revenue or profit sharing) is not directly tied to the university's performance.’
    • ‘More than half of that increase - $5.2m - arose from the company's legal activity, already a big cost centre.’
    • ‘For example, every time a company's neurology division purchases lab supplies, the division's cost center is electronically updated with that debit immediately.’
    • ‘Learning initiatives are typically managed as a cost center, with insufficient budgets, and are rarely linked to business outcomes.’
    • ‘It ought to be the company's window on the world, a vital and sensitive two-way connection with customers; instead, all too often it is a bolt-on cost centre, a lowest-cost sponge for mopping up the mess of the initial product inadequacy.’
    • ‘From their perspective, they already have your money, so continuing support is just a cost center for them.’
    • ‘As a one-off gratis payment, I will pay the two bills which I have received, but please note that in future I will not pay for the hire of the van and will let Distribution Services know not to use my cost centre in future.’
    • ‘Metrology is not viewed as a revenue generator but rather a cost center.’
    • ‘Car design, which usually takes place deep inside huge companies not known for being nimble, has traditionally been a cost center for auto manufacturers, not a source of revenue.’
    • ‘Expecting their training efforts would increase the pool of personnel in their own cost center, service nurses took on ownership of the new staff in their service, ultimately benefiting the entire team.’
    • ‘Each cost center is assigned a distinct seven-digit number.’
    • ‘In the following pages, five leaders show how they build teams, forge consensus and measure performance to make security far more than a cost center.’