Definition of cosplay in US English:



Pronunciation /ˈkäsˌplā/
  • The practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.

    • ‘I don't think any of them are entering the cosplay competition this year but they do know others who are and some are thinking of entering next year.’
    • ‘About 3 years now, I started by helping make my friends their costumes for anime cosplay activities.’
    • ‘Well, apparently there was some sort of cosplay convention nearby, because there were a bunch of people in odd costumes wandering in the area, munching cheeseburgers.’
    • ‘So, there's a broader approach that includes other Otaku passtimes: model making, posters, cosplay, videogames.’
    • ‘To see heroes of Paragon City in real life is to see a bleak view of an all cosplay future.’
    • ‘You might think it would be easy to meet women who paint themselves blue and make their way around the world in inventive PVC cosplay outfits.’
    • ‘This is the same 2 year old that was Kero in the cosplay this year.’
    • ‘Cosplay is almost always mask free and draws on various video game, manga and anime characters.’
    • ‘The costumes in it make me and Sis want to cosplay.’
    • ‘Nao Oikawa has done a fair amount of this adult cosplay work.’
    • ‘Pluses to cosplay is that may sewing skills do improve every year.’
    • ‘I had convention dreams last night, with lots of references to Auckland Armageddon, esp a certain winner of the cosplay awards.’
    • ‘Here is an awesome entry from Matt chronicling the whole cosplay experience, from one who has never done it before.’
    • ‘Why they look like refugees from Star Wars cosplay, I don't know.’
    • ‘Anyway there are plans in the making for a cosplay photo shoot so I'll be getting some use out of my costume.’
    • ‘Sunday was full of cosplay.’
    • ‘I quickly found cosplay is very addictive, and have done it at every convention since.’
    • ‘The most popular of cosplay themes are the Anime character and Gothic Lolita look.’
    • ‘In 1990, Project A-kon in Dallas, Texas, was one of the first US anime conventions to feature a cosplay contest.’
    • ‘I could see that maybe some of the people that just watched the cosplay might have thought that she had bought it but she did much work on it.’


[no object]
Pronunciation /ˈkäzˌplā/
  • Engage in cosplay.

    • ‘Was very impressed with the professional way the judging was handled, and my faith in cosplaying is now restored.’
    • ‘The costumes in it make me and Sis want to cosplay.’
    • ‘When you have the second largest economy in the world and unlimited potential for goodness, what is there to do but cosplay?’


1990s: blend of costume and play after Japanese kosupure, ultimately from English costume play.