Definition of cosmic radiation in English:

cosmic radiation


  • Radiation consisting of cosmic rays.

    • ‘They ‘see’ little flashes that record the passing of cosmic radiation through their visual centers.’
    • ‘Humans and other earthly life forms evolved within the protective shell of the magnetosphere and the atmosphere, shielded from most of the harmful solar and cosmic radiation.’
    • ‘Mars has only the tiniest trace of a magnetic field, nothing like the huge bubble that surrounds the earth and protects us from solar and cosmic radiation.’
    • ‘The space radiation environment encompasses a broad spectrum of radiation ranging from infra-red to galactic cosmic radiation.’
    • ‘It depends on factors like background cosmic radiation, solar winds, and how good their sensor operator is.’
    • ‘They include arguments about late Cretaceous climatic change, the impact of some extraterrestrial object, cosmic radiation, and prodigious volcanic activity.’
    • ‘Natural irradiation results from cosmic radiation or exposure to radioactive elements present in certain minerals.’
    • ‘The effect of cosmic radiation is probably the principal hazard for prolonged interplanetary space flight.’
    • ‘But even shielding does little good against so-called galactic cosmic radiation, which originates in deep space.’
    • ‘They eventually realized it was the sound of cosmic radiation - the background hiss of the universe.’
    • ‘Space radiation produced by the sun and other galactic sources is more dangerous and hundreds of times more intense than radiation sources, such as medical X-rays or normal cosmic radiation, usually experienced on Earth.’
    • ‘The inner belt is a product of cosmic radiation, which bombards the upper atmosphere and splashes energized particles into the space around the planet.’
    • ‘This regolith layer, exposed to cosmic radiation and the solar wind, contains materials, such as hydrogen, that do not reach the surface of Earth because of its protection by both a magnetic field and an atmosphere.’
    • ‘The majority of the exposure comes from cosmic radiation that originates outside our solar system.’
    • ‘A round trip to Mars could be accomplished in half the time with fusion power, which would lessen the crew's exposure to the hazards of weightlessness and cosmic radiation.’
    • ‘A coil of a superconducting material could produce a substantial magnetic field, which could, in turn, deflect the energetic galactic cosmic radiation.’
    • ‘The mine was chosen as the observatory's location so that the rock would shield the observatory from cosmic radiation.’
    • ‘It was equipped to measure solar and cosmic radiation, interplanetary magnetic fields, the micrometeoroid flux, and the composition of gases.’
    • ‘Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere protect us from most of the charged particles coming from the solar wind, and from other forms of high energy cosmic radiation.’
    • ‘Based on the previous data received, Van Allen concluded that galactic cosmic radiation is being moderated by the Sun's influence, meaning Pioneer 10 has not yet crossed the boundary into interstellar space.’