Definition of corvid in US English:



  • A bird of the crow family (Corvidae); a crow.

    • ‘I responded to Dave that mobbing behavior, when smaller birds team up to harry a larger one, is common in many bird species, from corvids to raptors to songbirds.’
    • ‘He asked anyone who finds a dead crow, raven, magpie or jay or other member of the corvid bird family to call the health authority.’
    • ‘The crow intervened not to protect its fellow corvid but solely because a crow cannot resist the temptation to bully a small raptor.’
    • ‘Postmortem specimens were collected from 40 corvids (9 American crows and 31 blue jays) that had died from no obvious cause.’
    • ‘Ornithologist John Terres suggests that corvids (including crows) have probably achieved the highest degree of intelligence to be found in any birds.’


Early 20th century: from modern Latin Corvidae (plural), from Latin corvus ‘raven’.