Definition of coruscant in US English:



  • Glittering; sparkling.

    • ‘One by one, each was filled by a sphere of rose-gold light, crackling and hissing as arcs of sorcerial lightning arced across them and linked all six in a network of coruscant flame.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the black shadow burst into coruscant life, amethyst shields erupting into shimmering life, drowning the blue radiance.’
    • ‘Notably, all aural analogues share the same sinewy, coruscant guitar work.’
    • ‘Red-gold fire showed through the shrivelling skin, and then all at once it flared into coruscant life, a pillar of blinding plasma that flashed from floor to ceiling and left a smear of superheated ash on the walls.’
    • ‘And the rising sun met the falling star and flashed into coruscant life, a roaring tide of fiery might that batted away cold beams and sent an incandescent lance of godly light in retaliation.’
    shimmering, shimmery, glittering, sparkling, coruscating, dazzling, shining, gleaming, glowing, lustrous, scintillating, dancing, opalescent, opaline
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Late 15th century: from Latin coruscant- ‘vibrating, glittering’, from the verb coruscare.