Definition of cortical in US English:



  • 1Anatomy
    Relating to the outer layer of the cerebrum.

    ‘the imaging of the brain showed cortical atrophy’
    • ‘This work has determined that separate cortical areas of the brain are responsive to different kinds of visual information.’
    • ‘This suggests that males and females may use similar cortical regions when solving spatial tasks at which they tend to excel.’
    • ‘They concluded that the cortical stimulation does not affect one's intention to act.’
    • ‘At one month of age there is intensive activity in the cortical and subcortical regions that control sensory-motor functions.’
    • ‘Such memories are thought to be stored in cortical areas more toward the back of the brain.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to an outer layer of another organ or body part such as a kidney.
      ‘the outline of the kidney is irregular due to cortical scarring’
      • ‘A statistically significant relationship was found between past vitamin E supplementation and prevention of cortical cataract.’
      • ‘Those findings support a role for vitamin C in reducing the risk of cortical cataracts in women younger than 60.’
      • ‘Samples of renal cortical tissue from mice were examined with the electron microscope.’
      • ‘Ultrasound of the abdomen revealed a large simple left renal cortical cyst.’
      • ‘The cortical layer is actually the middle or inner layer of the hair shaft that provides the strength, elasticity and shape of the curly hair.’
  • 2Botany
    Relating to or forming an outer layer of tissue immediately below the epidermis of a stem or root.

    ‘a probe was inserted into cortical cells of cotton roots’
    • ‘In certain cases, we are left to question whether any consideration of cortical rings provided the estimated date or if the estimation was simply based upon tree size.’
    • ‘The damage is limited to the cortical layers and does not extend into the interior portions of the root system.’
    • ‘For each experiment, the measurement on cortical cells was done on three plants.’
    • ‘In the soil solution, nitrate is carried towards the root by bulk flow and is taken up by epidermal and cortical cells of the root.’
    • ‘In well-watered primary roots, the length of mature cortical cells increased slightly.’